Affidavit: Jepsy Kallungi's husband admitted to killing during conversation with his ex-wife

Investigators believe Dane buried Jepsy in remote part of Teller County
Affidavit: Jepsy Kallungi's husband admitted to ex-wife he killed Jepsy
Posted at 2:35 AM, Jun 23, 2021
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COLORADO SPRINGS — Jepsy Kallungi was last seen in March of 2019. Over two years after she was reported missing, her husband Dane Kallungi was arrested and charged with her murder.

News5 obtained Dane's arrest affidavit, which claims he strangled Jepsy during an act of domestic violence, inflicting serious injuries. Investigators believe Dane saw Jepsy was "suffering," and decided to kill her. The paperwork states the incident happened on March 20, 2019, inside their apartment around 10:30 p.m.

According to the records, police say Dane put Jepsy's body into the trunk of his car, and took his son to school the next morning before going to work. After work, police claim Dane drove Jepsy's body to a remote area in Teller County, where he buried her. Jepsy's body has not been found.

Dane moved to California after Jepsy disappeared. The arrest paperwork says that on March 26, 2021, Dane had lunch with his ex-wife, Alaine. The affidavit states Dane took a brief trip to Colorado Springs because of an illness in his family. Allegedly, that's when Dane told Alaine he killed Jepsy.

Three days later, Alaine contacted investigators to inform them of the conversation. With her consent, detectives arranged a recorded phone call to learn more about a domestic disturbance between Dane and Jepsy from March 20, 2019.

The call took place on April 3, 2021. Investigators listed several statements from that phone call, including:

"I was just trying to like literally stop the words from coming out of her mouth for a second, and then I realized that I did that for more than a second."

"It looked like I did some damage and I freaked out and it looked like she was suffering."

"Yeah, that's the part I think about still. It's, looking at her eyes, you know."

"Like she was already dead. It was just a matter of time and like I didn't want to watch her suffer anymore, but I didn't want to keep doing that and it was all just really bizarre because I mean it was like she was on the floor."

"I can't believe I did that and I'm like there's no way I did that, but I did do that. So yeah, I drove to the like Florissant area... on back road, got lost on like four different back roads and then found one where I could, I just went down and found a spot, dug a hole as deep as I could."

"I was digging until like three in the morning or something because it was like all muddy and really hard to dig in some places and I started freaking out. I'm like oh my gosh people are going to start driving through here because it's not middle of the night anymore so..."

"She was in my trunk and then after work I drove to Florissant and found a spot and like I just stuffed her and... hold on a second... yeah, I went to Florissant and no, I like said good bye to her before I put her in there and tried to apologize a million times."

CLICK HERE to read Dane Kallungi's redacted arrest affidavit.

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