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What happens in the impeachment process?

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Posted at 7:39 PM, Jan 11, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-28 12:21:31-05

COLORADO — Calls for President Donald Trump's resignation or removal have amplified in the last week after riots broke out at the U.S. Capitol. When it comes to the processes available to remove the President from office, there are a couple of ways it could happen. There are also things that could happen if the president is ultimately removed from office.


On Monday, the U.S. House filed an article of impeachment for incitement of insurrection. Impeaching the President is a process done in the U.S. House.

A majority of the house needs to agree on the article of impeachment.

A U.S. Senate Impeachment trial would determine if President Trump is guilty of the charges, which would then remove him from office. It would take a two-thirds vote of the Senate in order to convict the President. Currently, Republicans hold the majority in the U.S. Senate. This will be the case until results of the two U.S Senate seat runoffs in Georgia are certified.

With only nine days left in office, the trial could also take place after he leaves Washington. Congress would also be able to prevent President Trump from running for office ever again. If he is removed from office, he could also lose some benefits, such as his pension and office staff, given to Presidents after term.

25th Amendment

Another way President Trump could be removed from office is if Vice President Mike Pence invokes the 25th Amendment. This is something that is not expected to happen.

The Vice President would also need a majority of cabinet members to agree to remove the President from office. The President could then appeal the decision and put it on Congress to decide.