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UPDATED winter weather outlook for Southern Colorado

United States precipitation outl
January snowfall summary
Winter snowfall averages
U.S. temperature outlook
Posted at 4:49 PM, Jan 07, 2020

The final few months of 2019 proved to be quite snowy across Southern Colorado, with above average snowfall reported.

Our weather since mid-December has been noticeably more dry and mild, with the last snowfall of over 1" for Colorado Springs and Pueblo taking place more than 3 weeks ago, on December 16th.

With no snow so far this year, we are running a snowfall deficit of around 1.5" in both cities.

January snowfall summary
Summary of January snowfall to date

Average snowfall for the entire month of January varies across Southern Colorado, from 5.6" for the Springs to 6.5" for Pueblo.

Moving into February, both cities see a dip in snowfall amounts before climbing into March.

Climatologically, March is the snowiest month of the year for Colorado Springs. January is the snowiest for Pueblo.

Winter snowfall averages
Average winter snowfall for Colorado Springs and Pueblo

Looking at the latest updated maps from NOAA's Climate Prediction Center, a wetter than average winter is expected for the northern tier of the country, with parts of northern Colorado favored to see above average snowfall.

In Southern Colorado, we have a better chance of seeing near average amounts of snow this winter.

United States precipitation outl
Winter precipitation outlook for the U.S.

Temperature wise...there's a high probability of warmer than average temperatures for almost the entire southern half of the country. Colorado again appears to be on the dividing line between average winter temperatures and above average conditions.

U.S. temperature outlook
Winter temperature outlook for the U.S.

It's important to note that these outlooks are not intended to be a forecast, but instead an overall indicator of future conditions relative to the norm.

What it could mean for us this year is fewer cold snaps and less snowfall compared to last year.