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Snapped, toppled, blown away--wind hits hard in Southern Colorado

Dust wall
Posted at 8:16 PM, Dec 15, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-16 07:39:33-05

COLORADO SPRINGS — The destructive force of wind was been on display in Southern Colorado. "It came down like God got mad at man and just pushed it over," said Dominique, a Colorado Springs resident. He watched a massive wind gust topple a four-story pine tree in a parking lot near his home.

The top of another tree snapped and ended up blocking a road near downtown Colorado Springs. Neighbors got together to get it to the side of the road with a four-wheel drive and tow strap. "Just seen a lot of people trying to come down through here and this is blocking them off, so get it out of the way," said one of the neighbors named Mike.

Damaged trees, flipped vehicles, brown out conditions from blowing dust, power outages, and items blown to random places are widespread. The December 15 windstorm hit with gusts reaching 90, and even 100 mph in some places.

Wind speeds dropped by evening. The storm only lasted one day, but the aftermath will take much longer to clean-up and repair.