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September heat in Pueblo can be a budget buster

Posted at 6:57 PM, Sep 04, 2019
and last updated 2019-09-05 09:51:19-04

PUEBLO — Heat hovering around 100 degrees will continue through the week in Pueblo. It is well above 82, which is the average for September.

The extreme heat is more than a nuisance for some. It can be a cause of financial stress, also a health risk. "Where it's so extremely hot, you can only take off so much clothes, then you get to a point where you’re at a risk for heat stroke," said Pueblo Senior Resource Development Agency, Deputy Director, Tara Morrow.

When summer temperatures push into September, there are few alternatives to an air conditioner. For people on fixed incomes, or low income, there can be a toll to budgets. September and October are months when there can be savings on utility bills because air conditions can be left off and you do not yet need to turn on the furnace. "Those cooler months where you're not paying to heat your home or to cool your homes and that's kind of a time when you really can start to build up savings," said Pueblo Triple Aim Corp., Executive Director, Alexis Ellis.

In Pueblo, there are quite a few resources to help with both heat and the cold. It is especially true for seniors and people with disabilities. The best way to learn about options is simply calling 2-1-1.