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Schools serious about vaccination records and exemptions

Posted at 7:53 PM, Nov 07, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-07 22:56:45-05

COLORADO SPRINGS — There are stepped up measures happening to increase vaccination compliance in Colorado. Some school districts near Denver are drawing a hardline, saying vaccination record and exemption rules cannot be ignored. They warn, kids not in compliance will be prohibited from coming to school.

Southern Colorado schools are also serious about immunization rules. "Our policy is very black and white,” said Allison Cortez with Colorado Springs, Academy School District 20. That noted, the district and other districts in Southern Colorado do not have plans to stop kids from attending classes.

One of the reasons is most districts show 92% or higher rates of vaccination compliance. Data from Colorado’s Department of Public Health also shows, the number with incomplete or missing records at 5% or less. Devra Ashby with Colorado Springs School District 11 said, "We do have very proactive nurses and nurse staff in D11 who will reach out to families.” District 11 and District 20 are among a half dozen Southern Colorado districts telling News 5 they use a targeted approach of gaining compliance with e-mails, phone calls and one on one meetings.

The 5% or so, who have incomplete or missing records are often in situations requiring assistance. Kids moving in or out, homelessness, misunderstanding, and economic barriers are situations within the statistic. School nurses offer help. "Resources where if they can't afford certain things, then we can work with them to find places in the community where they will be able to work something out,” said Ashby.

Colorado Governor, Jared Polis just requested $2.5 million in the upcoming budget to target Colorado’s low vaccination rate. School districts in Southern Colorado are aware of the increased interest at a state level. They may not be stopping kids from coming to school, but they are focused on getting required information.