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Say no thanks to flu and other bugs this Thanksgiving

Cases on the rise
Posted at 6:52 PM, Nov 21, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-21 21:17:36-05

COLORADO SPRINGS — Children's Hospital in Colorado Springs reports multiple sick kids admitted with the flu. “Even if we're seeing what seems like small numbers it means there are many, many, many more times, " said Emergency Department, Medical Director, Dr. David Listman. He says this is a fairly early start to flu season.

Flu cases are in addition to several pockets of a stomach bug in the state. Close to 400 cadets at the Air Force Academy have been hit by the bug over the past couple of weeks.

Multiple illnesses heading into the Thanksgiving holiday, when people travel and gather in crowds. Dr. Listman says the holiday break can be good and bad. "Kids not being in school is probably good, where they're not going to be among other children who they can spread it to, but families getting together, airports, airplanes are places where people are in really close contact with each other."

Awareness and some basic steps can help curb the spread of viruses. Health pros always advise flu shots. "Good soap and water hand washing can still not be overestimated in how important that is," said Dr. Listman. And, if you or your kids are sick, it's okay to stay home

Prevention protects you and others who face a greater threat from diseases. Babies for example cannot get the flu vaccine.