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New York Times, 52 places to visit in 2020 list, includes Colorado Springs near the top

Prestigious rank
Garden of the Gods
Posted at 8:01 PM, Jan 10, 2020

COLORADO SPRINGS — Colorado Springs not only made the New York Times prestigious 52 Places to Visit in 2020 list--
its position at 13 is near the top. "Having the New York times come into Colorado Springs, talk about what we’re doing, It just goes to show the progression and the direction we're heading right now," said Chef and Restaurant Owner, Brother Luck. The article on why to visit lists some of our major attractions, also some of unique local small businesses like Luck’s eatery IV by Brother Luck.

"We bring each other along." Luck says what is good for him should also be good for other small business that will be spotted as visitors wander downtown. He said, “We’re getting great publicity for the beauty of what we have as our backyard every day.”

Colorado Springs has been on a lot of “best of” lists in recent years. "This one surprised us-- pleasantly, because it's the New York Times," said Visit Colorado Springs, President and CEO, Doug Price. This one is a league of its own.

Before anyone jumps to the conclusion that strangers will overrun the city. Price suggests locals telling people they know about the rank, because they are the ones mostly likely to visit. "The number one reason that people travel here is to visit friends and family." Visit Colorado Springs gathers data on who visits and why they come to Colorado Springs.

Why did Colorado Springs get such a prominent ranking? Price thinks another set of questions often asked by travel insiders is likely a factor. “You always ask the question, why would I go? What's new to enjoy?” There are many changes happening in and around Colorado Springs. A couple of examples include the new summit house under construction on top of Pikes Peak and the nearly complete Olympic Museum.