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Neighbors call camper an "eyesore;" man says he's been hit with hard times

Man uses camper as temporary home; upsets neighbors
Posted at 11:03 PM, Jul 25, 2019

COLORADO SPRINGS — Many people search for a place to live after winding up on the streets in Colorado Springs, and sometimes, there's collateral damage to the neighborhoods where they land. For example, one News 5 viewer reached out to us on Facebook about a camper that showed up in a neighborhood off of Heathercrest Drive, and has not left.

The camper is acting as a temporary home for one man, who has a roommate with a dog, three cats, and two new litters of kittens. Casey Gray, the man using the camper, said it's a complicated story. Basically, he's been living out of the camper for a few months. Most recently, he said he had the camper parked outside of his now roommate's home, which has been condemned. Gray said the camper was tagged on Wednesday, and must be moved by Saturday. He said he plans to take it into a forest, where he can camp for a certain period of time. "Some people probably look at this and think, well I'm moving in, and I plan to stay here. And maybe just knowing that it's a hard time, less than three days I'm going to have it taken care of, they might put themselves at ease a little bit," said Gray.

Neighbors said the camper is like a blemish on their street. "My wife and I aren't too happy about it, for sure. You know, it's just kind of an eyesore on the neighborhood and we'd just like to take our kids to the park, and it's a little bit, it's a little weird right now," said Bobby McClure, who has lived in the neighborhood for around ten years.

Gray claimed he has a friend who will help him tow the camper out of the neighborhood by Saturday.