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Many wind damaged roofs remain as snowstorm builds

Damaged roof Colorado Springs
Posted at 7:25 PM, Feb 01, 2022

COLORADO SPRINGS — There is an overlap with the snowstorm happening in Southern Colorado and the roof damage caused by the windstorm in December. A long list of roof repairs remains, and snow will be piling up on those damaged roofs.

It can cause concern for a homeowner when shingles are missing, and a snowstorm is in the forecast. Roofers say most shingles have a second layer of protection. Often called tar paper, you can see under spots where shingles are gone.

A well secured tarp can also suffice for temporary cover. “Generally, if the temporary repair has worked so far, we'll leave that,” said Total Roofing, Vice President, Tye Williams, “It's also up to the homeowner to see if that tarp blows-off, sometimes it comes loose." It is wise to check on the temporary fixes now that more than month has passed since the windstorm.

Beyond homeowners with obvious roof damage, a storm can reveal undetected less noticeable damage. During the snowstorm and especially after when snow starts to melt, it can reveal issues. "We'll send somebody out and secure that roof for you,” said Cornerstone Roofing, Owner, Rory Huskin, “Tarp in a spot that might be susceptible to leaking or something. We'll definitely take care of it."

Part of the pre-storm hustle is also to get crews off roofs before the snow flies. It is another delay for people still on wait-lists, but necessary for safety.