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Local businesses and the bottom line of rising gas prices

GAS AT 3.99
Posted at 8:10 PM, Mar 07, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-07 22:29:59-05

COLORADO SPRINGS — Gas prices are approaching record highs.

"We’re up 40 cents on the week,” said AAA’s Skyler McKinley, “That's a dramatic week to week difference."

The average for March 6, 2022 in Colorado Springs is $3.73 a gallon, and $3.81 in Pueblo. There are some stations along I-25 through Colorado Springs charging $3.99 for regular.

"You have to watch your bottom line. You have to be aware what things are going to cost you. So, I've been very aware of where gas prices are at," said Ray Whitcomb, Owner of Junk Removed Now.

He started the small business eight years ago.

“When I started out it was a 72 Chevy truck and a trailer built in 55." Success has made way for two industrial size trucks able to haul heavy loads of junk. "They both get about ten miles to the gallon, so you burn through a lot of fuel every day."

Whitcomb has built his reputation on being reliable, fair, and affordable. He said gas prices can’t be ignored.

“The way that I’ve gotten here is by being efficient, by understanding my costs, by understanding my expenses, understanding what the market can handle."

It means dealing with the rising gas prices is not as easy as passing on the expense to customers. He will look for “creative ways” to counter the cost.

The gas situation is an economic reality affecting businesses, their services, and products. Economists say there is a trickle-down cost then making its way to consumers.