Kaiser report finds glaring COVID-19 vaccine disparity in Latino community

vaccine disparity
Posted at 3:19 PM, May 02, 2021

SOUTHERN COLORADO — We've covered this story before but recent data is so concerning, it's worth looking at this issue again. Vaccinations among the Latino community are lagging behind COVID cases.

A new study from the Kaiser Family Foundation shows in Colorado, Latinos make up 42 percent of COVID cases, but only 10 percent of vaccinations performed in the state, have gone to Latinos. It's the same in almost every state.

"It has been so difficult living through the pandemic, the protection was not there and it was so easy for any of us to become ill," said Maria Carolina, during an interview with our news partner. Carolina is an immigrant born in Guatemala.

Why is this still happening? There are several contributing factors: accessibility, lack of information in Spanish, and a distrust of the government. Other factors involve vaccine times that conflict with the schedules of many, who are essential workers, and documentation.

"A third of the people getting vaccinated at community health care centers are members of the Latinx population, which is a lot higher compared to the national average of Latinos getting vaccinated at these mass vaccination sites, which sits at about 11 percent," said Nambi Ndugga, a Racial and Equity Policy Analyst for the Kaiser Family Foundation.

Here's what's being done about it in Colorado. State officials are retooling their efforts in partnership with community organizations. A mobile clinic is traveling to reach people at job sites and grocery stores. The state is also rolling out new messaging campaigns in Spanish and other languages. Here's a list of organizations that are helping the Latino community get vaccinated.

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