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How camping will be different during COVID-19

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Posted at 3:25 PM, May 22, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-22 21:23:26-04

Memorial Day has always been a popular camping weekend in Colorado. This year is likely no exception, with many campgrounds open.

Colorado Park's and Wildlife went to twitter to let campers know what to except and what is expected of them during this pandemic.

We will summarize their guidelines for you here:

1. Bring your face mask.
You are still advised to wear your face mask if you leave your campsite and may encounter others.

2. Bathrooms and trashcans may be unavailable.
Certain services at your campground may not be accessible, so be sure to bring trash bags, toilet paper, and soap/hand sanitizer. Remember to leave no trace.

3. Buy all groceries at home.
Bring all your food and beverage in coolers for the entire weekend, and purchase those groceries in your home town.

4. Fill up the tank.
Before you leave, fill up your vehicle with gas so you do not need to stop along the way.

5. Bring first aid.
Avoid being in a rescue situation if possible as that can bring in a lot of personnel. Try not to push your limits, and tend to small wounds on your own. Of course 911 is available if necessary.

6. Camp with your household only.
It is still the safest protocol to only camp with members of your household and groups less than 10.

7. Respect closures!
Some counties, trails, and campgrounds are not welcoming visitors. Do your research before you go.

8. Campfires?
Follow local campground rules on campfires. Keep fires in designated pits and grated spots. Fire danger will be very high Saturday.

9. Be a good neighbor.
Be respectful and keep your distance by waving to others. Understand there may be changes at your favorite campsite during this time.