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Former Colorado Springs mayoral candidate pleads not guilty to charges in Washington

Juliette Parker mug shot
Posted at 4:51 PM, Feb 18, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-19 19:11:33-05

PIERCE COUNTY, Washington — A former Colorado Springs mayoral candidate has pleaded not guilty to charges she is facing in Washington state.

Juliette Parker was charged with assault in the second degree and kidnapping in the second degree.

According to King 5 TV in Seattle, Parker connected with mothers through a Facebook group and offered to do free photoshoots of newborns. She then allegedly drugged at least once woman when she visited her home on Feb. 5.

Parker and her teenage daughter reportedly brought food and drinks to the woman's home, including cupcakes. The woman told police that after she took a bite form one of the cupcakes, her face, arms, and legs felt numb and she became drowsy.

The woman then went to lie down and Parker and her daughter left. Before leaving though, Parker wiped off her drinking glasses, according to court documents.

King 5 said the Pierce County Sheriff's Department found communications between Parker and a man she previously dated where they discussed obtaining GHB, a common date rape drug, and raising a child together. During this communication, the man also jokingly suggested that they kidnap a child. To this, Parker replied, "As a last resort."


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