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Emergency funding makes way for extra rangers at crowded Lake Pueblo State Park

Posted at 5:37 PM, Jun 17, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-17 20:30:33-04

PUEBLO — The course of the COVID-19 pandemic continues on a path with many unexpected consequences. Lake Pueblo State Park for example, is dealing with crowds like never before. “We haven’t been coming out on the weekends too much just because so many people have been coming,” said Pueblo resident, Beth Smith.

There are so many people it is tough for rangers to keep up with the crowds. “It’s just constant. It feels like 4th of July holiday every single weekend,” said Lake Pueblo State Park, Manger, Monique Mullis. She says the crowds started shortly after COVID-19 appeared.

Some park visitors are expressing concern. “Comments and chatter from people that, you know, there just aren’t enough rangers out here,” said Mullis. The park typically has ten rangers for the summer season.

Park leaders took the issue to Colorado Parks and Wildlife managers. “We managed to get some emergency funding from our agency and we’re in the process of hiring additional seasonal park rangers,” said Mullis. At least three rangers will expand patrols on the water, keeping track of camping areas, and trails. “Also some traffic control, said Mullis, “Cause that’s a thing this year.”

The ranger openings have been open for just a few days. It is an expedited process. They will remain posted until filled.