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Dog bite message spreads despite no response from @POTUS

White House
Posted at 9:57 PM, Apr 06, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-07 07:29:42-04

COLORADO SPRINGS — Action at the White House has a Colorado Springs business owner sending messages to President Biden. It is not because of something done by President Biden or the First Lady, rather it is Major, one of the first dogs. There are reports of Major biting after moving into his new residence.

Fernando Gonzalez posted a message on Instagram and tagged @POTUS. He said, “Let me fix your dog dude, I'll even give you a discount let me fix your dog.” Gonzalez owns Two Tail Training, a dog training business with a reputation for working with aggressive dogs.

Gonzalez is not naive. "Even though I tag posted it, I did not expect for him to be like, thankfully someone's trying to help." He is more interested in raising awareness about labeling dogs aggressive when some training can take care of the issue. "To me I really get a huge pleasure of giving people and dogs their life back.”

"There's like probably less than a .0001% chance of me training that dog," Gonzalez said in a follow-up post on Instagram. He also said he will likely get called-out by people he knows for addressing the president as dude. The original post did, however, get a lot of traction with social media followers.