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Current Olympic figure skaters inspiring a new generation of athletes

Figure skater
Posted at 12:00 PM, Feb 08, 2022

COLORADO SPRINGS — The current Olympic games often motivate the next generation of elite athletes. “It's like I'm thinking, oh my gosh, I want to become that one day," said 10 -year-old Broadmoor Skating Club member, Lucia Montello. Club members are all watching the figure skating competition getting underway at the Beijing Olympics.

Skating club member Sofia Frank was three when she started skating. "I just liked all the girls wearing really sparkly and pretty dresses." The outfits are still flashy, but at 16, Frank’s mind-set has changed. She is now competing at an international level.

She said watching skaters during the Sochi Olympics inspired her to focus on elite competition. " It just makes you want to like work even harder, to you know get to that goal."

Athletic ability is essential but rising to the Olympic level also requires passion and competitive drive. "Being a coach, sometimes you can say it, but it's another thing when now the skaters are watching the Olympics and they are seeing it,” said Coach, Brandon Mroz. He said he can sometimes see a difference in his athletes after they have witnessed the level of energy and skill of Olympic competition. "They're so motivated and trying stuff they've never tried on the ice and they kind of have that extra fire I guess."