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COVID-19 leaving room to roll on Colorado roads: CSPD seeing dangerous speeds

Traffic enforcement
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Posted at 8:27 PM, Mar 25, 2020

COLORADO SPRINGS — There are some unintended outcomes on Colorado roads from the COVID-19 restrictions. With the coronavirus response forcing a lot of people to stay home, there are fewer cars on the road. Law enforcement is clocking a lot of people going way too fast on the less crowded lanes.

Officers with Colorado Springs Police Department have clocked extremely high speeds on I-25 through the city. "Outrageous violations, people going 100 miles an hour,” said CSPD Spokesperson, Natashia Kerr. On city streets there is a high number of drivers cited for 15 to 20 miles an hour over the limit.

Comments from drivers suggest it is in part, because of fewer cars and plenty of pavement.
" We'll hear, well I was going with the flow of the traffic, or it's more open,” said Kerr

Officers also report people questioning why officers are spending time on traffic enforcement during the COVID-19 crisis. The goal of traffic enforcement and coronavirus restrictions is the same--prevent the loss of life. "As a department we've really prioritized traffic, you know we've seen a high number of incidents, traffic fatalities over the last few years,” said Kerr, "We still need to follow the rules of the road and drive the speed limit."