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Colorado Springs sports leagues on the rebound

Colorado Springs Parks, Sports Office
Posted at 7:02 PM, Mar 30, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-30 21:02:43-04

COLORADO SPRINGS — Sports recreation leagues are back in Colorado Springs after a very scaled back pandemic year. "What we're seeing this year, especially with so much of the games getting lost last year is just the increased people that want to get out, they want the opportunity, they want to feel normal," said Colorado Springs Parks and Recreation, Adult Sports Program Coordinator, Joe Braun.

The number of people registered is way up in Colorado Springs. "Soccer, there was definitely an increase in numbers." Soccer starts next week. Softball, baseball, volleyball and more will be happening in the months ahead. Kids are ready to play, but the growing interest is also with adult leagues.The pandemic remains a factor. "Every sport that we have running we built separate protocols for," said Braun. Depending on the sport, spectators may or may not be allowed. When they are permitted, distancing is required. Masks for players on the sidelines are likely. Disinfecting is standard. "Some of those things we're going to hold onto. For all we know it's not going away immediately. We just know there's going to be more comfort for people when vaccines do start to get to more of the people."

The more people vaccinated, the fewer covid rules by summer."We're planning like it's going to be normal,” said Braun, “If it turns out not to be normal we'll shift gears, but we fully expect a lot of participation."