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Clash of comments about the Manitou Incline

Posted at 6:49 PM, Aug 01, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-01 20:59:16-04

EL PASO COUNTY — More people crowding onto The Incline is a likely contributor to a recent clash of opinions about rules and enforcement at the unique hiking site. "Let's face it, whether the incline or sports or politics, social media can get kind of snarky and that's unfortunate," said Incline Friends President, Bill Beagle. It is to the point, Beagle tried to step in with diplomacy composing his own social media post calling for civility.

The on-line clash is happening on sites originally started to offer encourage, motivate and share successes on the incline. "It's brought a lot of people together and it's done a lot for their health and wellbeing," said Beagle. He wants to see a return to a friendlier on-line and on the incline community.

Beagle believes the number of people breaking the rules is small Some disregard, others who are new to the challenging climb may not have stopped to read the rules, recommendations and etiquette posted on-line and at the starting point of the climb. "Any time you increase numbers you're going to increase the odds that you're going to get a bad actor now and then, and the incline has gotten immensely popular."

"I'd like to make it clear that incline friends doesn't make the rules,” said Beagle, “We have no authority to enforce the rules." With the call for civility, Beagle says problems on the incline should also be reported, but to the proper place. Concerns can be e-mailed or messaged to Incline Fiends. They can also be submitted to the Colorado Springs Parks Department.