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Chicks in demand: More people want to self source food

Posted at 6:57 PM, Mar 31, 2020

COLORADO SPRINGS — Sourcing your own food may help keep you out of grocery stores these days. "There is some peace of mind knowing that I'm going to be able to provide for my family out of my backyard," said Buckley’s Homestead Supply Owner Allison Buckley. In the midst of the COVID-19 emergency, there is evidence at her store of more people wanting to give it a go.

At this time each year, chick season happens for a couple of months at Buckley’s. “The demands off the charts,” said Buckley. She orders chicks from hatcheries based on sales from previous years. “The orders we placed generally last us a week and a half, maybe even two weeks before we sell out, and this morning we sold out a half hour before the store officially opened." More chicks will be delivered in weeks to come.

Regular customers are adding to their flocks. There are also new customers interested in raising hens for the eggs.

There is more to the business model at Buckley's than chicks. As the store’s name implies, there are homestead supplies. The things you use for pickling and canning are available. Beekeeping is also on the merchandise list. Over the past couple of weeks there are more customers interested in raise your own, preserve for storage food skills.

"I'm afraid that we might have some people that are panic buying, that don't understand that these babies aren't going to give you eggs for another six months." Buckley does offer cautions. Raising chickens for example is a long-term commitment.

She also encourages. "If any good comes out of this [COVID-19], I would hope more people, in a responsible way, would start moving that way….raising more of their own food."