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Census 2020 efforts underway

Posted at 5:36 PM, Jan 22, 2020

COLORADO — The start of a new decade, also means the start of a new Census count- the nationwide survey that determines congressional and legislative districts, as well as federal funding.

With the survey getting underway in the next few months, there are some precautions you can take to ensure the right people are getting the right information from you.

Starting in March, you should be receiving the survey in the mail. For the first time ever, you can take the survey from the mail to log on online and fill the survey out digitally. Surveyors will also call you if you don't fill it out.

If you don't fill it out on your own, then you could be getting a visitor from the U.S. Census Bureau- a field employee who will knock on doors asking for the information.

"If you don't want someone to come knocking at your door it's probably a good idea to self respond either online, or by phone or by sending back the questionnaire," Laurie Cipriano, Media Specialist with the U.S. Census Bureau said.

In order to not fall victim to a scam, Cipriano says there are things everyone should know to be able to detect a fake surveyor.

If the surveyor is actually with the bureau, they will have a government issued I.D. with a Department of Commerce watermark. The surveyor will also have an official branded Census bag with them.

With the new format online, there's also concerns over how to make sure your information is safe. Cipriano says the information is encrypted safely.

Still, Census leaders are asking everyone to keep in mind some questions the Census bureau won't be asking. This includes your full social security number, your banking or credit card information, and the bureau won't be asking for any money or donations.