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Aggressive deer, nuisance or threat?

Posted at 7:28 PM, Jul 16, 2019

COLORADO SPRINGS — Multiple reports of encounters with aggressive deer are raising questions about what can be done to deter the danger. One Colorado Springs resident had their dog stomped to death by a deer, two others report dogs with injuries. All the incidents happened on the dog owner’s yard in the North Carefree area of Colorado Springs.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife Officers say confrontations with does are more likely this time of year because, even though you may not see them, they likely have fawns near. "[It’s a] good idea to just create more distance," said Colorado Parks and Wildlife Assistant Area Wildlife Manager, Cody Wigner.

Another suggestion is to make your property an unwelcome place for deer. Wigner suggest hazing which is different than the illegal animal harassment. The legal kind of hazing can include making loud noises or throwing non-lethal items to let the deer know your property is not a good place to frequent. “Hazing is encouraged to keep that natural fear of humans in the animals," says Wigner.

Some wonder if they can shoot a wild animal. It is more complex than a simple answer.

For example, if a human life is threatened, deadly force is allowed. It is not the same for a pet in danger. Even though you may consider your pet part of the family, under the law it is personal property.

Other laws can also get you in trouble for discharging a firearm in a town or city. “The law in place to prevent the discharge of a firearm within city limits are there for a good reason,” said Winger, “That's to keep everybody safe."

Colorado Parks and Wildlife makes available on-line rules and laws that apply to nuisance wild animals. Click here for the link. If you are having a problem with a wild animal, it is best to call Colorado Parks and Wildlife rather than taking action on your own.