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A way to help in the windstorm aftermath: Litter everywhere

Litter from 2021 wind
Posted at 6:54 PM, Dec 21, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-22 00:29:31-05

COLORADO SPRINGS — Leave the downed lines and trees to pros, but there is part of the windstorm aftermath in Southern Colorado that will go a lot better if everyone helps with the clean-up.

"There's trash everywhere," said Keep Colorado Springs Beautiful, Executive Director, Dee Cunningham.

Saying “everywhere” is not an exaggeration. Litter is up in trees, snagged in shrubs, out in waterways, caught in fences, and much more.

At the non-profit Keep Colorado Springs Beautiful, the message on trash is to bag it, tie it, trash it, because “trash blows”.

"Anything that people don't have disposed of properly or nailed down, we're finding," said Cunningham.

The aftermath of the late December windstorm shows a lot of trash is blowing because not enough people are following the other advice.

Rather than assuming the litter clean-up is someone else’s job, there is hope that community members will take the initiative to help.

"I really encourage the public, if you're out taking a walk, take a pair of gloves and a bag with you and start stuffing the bag. Take it home, tie it up, put it in your can," said Cunningham.

There is plenty of debris that is easy to reach and remove. The litter way up in trees, also out in waterways can be a safety risk and is better left to people with more experience.