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Locals in Colorado City distraught over Post Office closing

Posted at 6:07 PM, Jun 26, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-01 14:00:39-04

COLORADO CITY – Mail service is about to become a major road-trip for people in Colorado City at the south end of Pueblo County. “It’s devastating,” said Colorado City resident, Fay McPherson. Locals are not happy with what they will have to do to get their mail.

Residents just got a letter saying the current post office location has to close. It happens just days away on Saturday. Residents say there is a contract dispute over the current location. Post Office manages are working to find another location.

Until a new location is found, people with post office boxes have to drive to the city of Pueblo to get their mail. They say it’s close to a 30 minute drive and a lot of people do not have cars. “This is really a retirement community and a lot of people who used to drive no longer drive and we have one lady that gets here mail every day in a wheelchair,” said McPherson.

The town of Rye is closer, but all the post office boxes there are taken. Neighbors can’t pick up for each other because a photo ID is required.

The Post Office notice says efforts are being expedited to secure another location. No-one knows how long that means.