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Bobcat trapped in soccer net in Colorado Springs

Posted at 1:10 PM, May 06, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-06 19:30:38-04

COLORADO SPRINGS – Colorado Parks and Wildlife want to remind you to take down sports nets when you aren’t using them after a bobcat was trapped in a soccer net.

CPW Southeast region tweeted a photo Monday showing a trapped bobcat in the Golden Hills area of Colorado Springs.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife said if you encounter a bobcat near your home, do not feed them. Don’t give them the opportunity to get into your garbage, so store it in metal or plastic containers with tight-fitting lids. Keep the cans in the garage or shed and only put trash out when it’s scheduled to be picked up.

They also recommend that homeowners make sure to cover your windows with grates or bubbles or make a cover using quarter-inch hardware or chicken wire.