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House and Senate approve bill to allow more offices to provide ID for immigrants

Posted at 12:58 PM, Apr 11, 2019
Colorado Safety Act DL
Sample of a drivers license issued under Colorado’s Road and Community Safety Act.

DENVER  – A bill requiring the Department of Revenue to set up 10 more offices with the capability to issue identification documents, such as a drivers license, to people who are temporarily undocumented, has passed a final vote in the Colorado House.

SB 19-139 made it out of the Senate last month with a 25-10 vote in favor. Today it passed the third vote in the House by a 42-22 vote.

Proposed amendments in both chambers to allow voters the right to petition for a referendum before the law goes into effect were voted down.

In the Senate,  19 Democrats voted in favor,  6 Republicans voted in favor, and 10 Republicans voted against.

In the House, the bill passed along party lines with all Democrats voting in favor, 24 Republicans voting against, and one Republican “excused” from the vote.

The bill now heads to the desk of Governor Polis for his signature into law. The Department of Revenue has until Jan 31, 2020, to establish service at the new offices.

The Colorado Road and Community Safety Act of 2014 authorizes the state to issue a drivers license, instruction permit or identification card to individuals who either cannot prove lawful presence in the U.S. or can only prove temporary residency.

Last month a fourth DMV in Aurora joined offices in Colorado Springs, Grand Junction, and Lakewood that can provide the service now.

For those who are able to prove temporary status and residency, you may apply for documents at any state driver license office, an appointment is only required for driving tests. Find a location, here.

All applicants must present proof of residency one of two ways.

  • Option one requires an affidavit DR 2212 (A or B) affirming residency, evidence of residency like a utility bill or credit card statement, and a tax return filing for the immediately preceding year.
  • Option two requires an affidavit DR 2212 (A or B) confirming continual residency for 24 months and evidence of continual residency for 24 months.

Both options also require proof of ITIN, affidavit DR 2212 (A or B), and either a passport, consular ID card, or military ID document from your country of origin. See full state documentation on the law, here.

Colorado Safety Act DL
Sample of a drivers license issued under Colorado’s Road and Community Safety Act.

An identification or drivers license issued to someone who is undocumented clearly states it may not be used for “federal identification, voting, or public benefit purposes.”

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