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Counterfeit cash going around Colorado Springs

Posted at 6:22 PM, Feb 08, 2019
and last updated 2019-02-08 21:22:44-05

COLORADO SPRINGS – There is warning going out about counterfeit bills going around Colorado Springs. “Letting everyone know, keep an eye out,” said The Perk Downtown, Manager, Taylor Dodson. A counterfeit $20 ended up in the cash drawer at the popular downtown coffee shop.

The fake money was found when the day’s revenue was taken to the bank. The crew at the coffee shop knows to watch for counterfeit bills, only this one slipped through and they’re not happy. “Sometimes they feel fake and if they do feel fake, we’re like, uh, we’re going to mark this one just in case,” said Dodson, “Now that this happened we’re going to be marking pretty much all of our bills just to make sure we’re not getting any fakes.” There is a special type of marker that changes color when it is passed over a counterfeit bill.

There are numerous reports of fake bills. “We currently are looking at somewhat of a pattern in the south end of the downtown area,” said Lieutenant Howard Black with Colorado Springs Police Department. Colorado Springs investigators say fake bills have been passed at multiple businesses.

When it is five ten, even 20 bucks victims often don’t bother to report it. No matter the amount, police want to know about it. “It might be part of a much larger investigation,” said Black, “and every piece counts when you’re putting together cases.