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Parents question actions of driver for D60 school

Posted at 11:30 AM, Nov 15, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-15 14:54:38-05

PUEBLO – Angry parents want answers after a video shows kids not allowed to leave a school bus in Pueblo. This happened Tuesday near Pueblo Academy of Arts.

Parent Angela Alcon told us her daughter rides the bus and that students were scared and screaming for help from anyone outside.

The police department got involved as the driver does not appear to be responding to anything going on.

A representative for Student Transportation of America, which employs the drivers, said the driver felt the bus conditions were unsafe because of student behavior.

As for what the students did, well that’s under investigation, but the district says there will be student discipline.

“If she would have just simply said there was kids misbehaving they need to stay here for policy, all the parents probably would have been able to calm the kids down and say ‘hey this is the issue just sit back’, but that wasn’t the case she would not talk she wasn’t responding to us she wouldn’t say nothing all she said was, I called dispatch,” Alcon explained.

As per D60 protocol, the driver took the bus back to Pueblo Academy of Arts where students tried to get out using the emergency exits.

The representative for Student Transportation of America said during issues like this one, drivers aren’t supposed to share details about the problems in the bus because of safety reasons. We’re told the driver will go through student management training.

As for Alcon, she says her daughter will no longer ride the bus.