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Marijuana dispensary owner speaks out after SUV plows into building

Posted at 8:27 PM, Aug 29, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-29 22:28:36-04

Colorado Springs police say the latest brazen smash and grab robbery happened at the Famous Footwear on North Powers Boulevard and the Canna Meds dispensary at Chelton and Platte.

The dispensary owner captured those moments on security cameras.

“They drove a jeep through my building last night,” said Chris Rice, owner of Canna Meds.

Glass fragments were left scattered across the street when a stolen Jeep plowed through Canna Meds early Wednesday morning.

“That’s a glass wall behind me that was closed up so they blasted all supports out, Jeep got stuck in the building and the firefighters had to come cut the jeep out of the building,” Rice added.

CSPD says the jeep also smashed through Famous Footwear.

In both cases, the businesses suffered structural damage.

Canna Meds marijuana dispensary is undergoing repairs after SUV plowed through glass wall.
Canna Meds marijuana dispensary is undergoing repairs after SUV plowed through glass wall.

“He’s done a significant amount of damage to my building and he’s causing chaos in our community,” said Rice.

CSPD believes up to 40 people could be involved in this crime ring.
And while some of the suspects stole a bunch of shoes, at the dispensary, the suspects came up empty-handed.

“There’s nothing inside,” Rice said when describing his strict lock-up procedure.
“You’re putting yourself in jeopardy by breaking into these highly secured facilities. There’s more security in these dispensaries than any other business in town.”

Like any other business in town, Canna Meds will remain open for customers.

And crews will continue to work on repairing the damage left behind.

“It’s going to be a lengthy process,” remarked Rice.
“We’re going to look like we’re under construction for a period of time.”

CSPD has not announced any arrests in this case.
Rice hopes by sharing the surveillance video, he’ll hold these suspects accountable and prevent them from striking again