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15 things to do outside during COVID-19

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Posted at 1:43 PM, May 01, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-01 16:00:26-04

Spring has arrived and many of us are getting cabin fever from recent Stay at Home orders. Try out these ideas to get your body outside. Oh, and I have to say it, apply sunscreen!

Take a hike
Hiking on Colorado's trails is still encouraged, but be mindful about where you go. Try to avoid the busiest parks and trails, and if a parking lot is full, go to your plan B. There are hundreds of miles of trails in Colorado Springs alone. #GetOutSpreadOut

Backyard camping
With a boost of Spring warmth, overnight temperatures have remained above freezing. Make some s'mores and enjoy the great outdoors at home.

Tend the garden
Begin that Spring tune up, with fresh mulch, fertilizer and watering. Be cautious about planting flowers and sensitive vegetation for another week or two.

Sidewalk chalk
Fun for the kids AND adults. Use chalk to make art or spread positive messages. Use chalk to mark up a game of four-square or hopscotch.

Try a new workout
Outdoor yoga. Outdoor Zumba. Outdoor kickboxing. Running! The possibilities are endless.

Neighborhood scavenger hunt
Create a list of exciting things to find in your neighborhood. Try these for a start: yellow house, bird, squirrel, a blue spruce tree, an aspen tree, etc.

Play a lawn game
Bocce ball, cornhole, horseshoe, croquet, to name a few.

Read or study on the patio
The warmth of the sun or a subtle breeze can help your mind focus!

Work outside
You know what would make that daily Zoom meeting even better? Sitting outside.

Enjoy your meals al fresco
Either make your meal at home or order take out. Set up a nice dinner on your patio. Make it picnic style if you'd like! Don't forget about all the local restaurants who would love to serve you take out. #TakeoutTuesday

Complete your outdoor to-do list items
Clean your windows, fix the garden bed. Do you know how satisfying it can be to power wash concrete?

Look at the stars
Drive into the country or the mountains and find the Milky Way on a clear night.

Howl at the moon
Are we still doing this? Yes, we are still doing this. At 8 pm, precisely.

Ride your bike
Whether you are dusting if off from the depths of the garage, or just finished your daily cruise, take your bike out for a ride.

Paint outdoors
Find a spot that is peaceful, and paint what you see.