Virtual activities: Staying busy while staying home

Locals share ways to stay busy
Staying busy while staying home
Posted at 1:12 AM, Mar 29, 2020

COLORADO SPRINGS — With the Stay at Home order in effect, some people may be feeling a bit stir crazy. News5 decided to try and find several local and virtual ways to stay productive.

First, for families who have to home-school their children in addition to everything else they may have going on, it may be helpful to find creative ways to keep their kids busy. That's why Erin Johnson decided to start a Facebook group called "The Kids Life - Surviving Quarantine," where parents can share what they have been doing to give their kids a little physically distant fun. Johnson said some of the ideas have been scavenger hunts, treasure hunts, and a family art show. "Our world flipped upside down a little bit... To feel connected when things don't feel so connected. And, they may be a little confused on why they can't see people and have that same socializing that they're used to," said Johnson.

Meanwhile, Dawn King of Sun Pilates said her studio is offering online workout classes. The studio also offers classes for kids. "It can get real easy to get stagnant when we don't have our usual schedules, and so, we want to make sure that people are continuing to move their bodies, especially those who are working from home," said King.

Another option is to start a project within the home, like organizing a pantry or closet. The CEO of Clarity for your Chaos, Lauren Chessmore, said she typically operates with clients face to face, but can still do virtual consultations. Her tips involve finding the "why" in what you are doing, while arranging things in categories, removing packaging, and organizing the space based on what you will do with it. "What are your goals for the space? What do you want the space to look like? Who could you bless with the stuff that you have laying around?" said Chessmore.

Meghan Jackson of Joyful Spaces also weighed in, and said to make sure and give yourself enough time before taking on a project, and to start by removing all the items out of the space first. "If I have small things that I can stay focused on and continue to work towards, then that just helps me keep some peace in my own home," said Jackson.

For any who may want a creative release, Cathy Tomovich can coach you through making a mosaic out of recycled goods on Saturday, April 4. Tomovich runs Shattered Glass Restored - Upcycled Mosaics on Facebook, and said all you need is some glue, a hammer, and a flat service where pieces of a broken plate can be glued. "There's so much around that we can use in our house to create beautiful things... It's going to be dealing with breaking plates, who doesn't want to brake a plate right now?" said Tomovich.

Tomovich also said she is doing free giveaways on her Facebook page to spread some joy.