Track vaccination data and decide what's best for you

CDC and State of Colorado provide data dashboards
Track federal and state vaccine data to help make decision that's best for you
Posted at 4:36 AM, Apr 14, 2021

When it comes to COVID-19 vaccinations and the recent decision to pause the use of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine, context matters. The decision to get vaccinated is a personal one and information is available that can help you make the decision that's best for you.

You can go online right now where the Centers For Disease Control has set up an indepth vaccine tracker. The numbers are updated on a daily basis and you can get specific numbers on vaccines, who is getting vaccinated and the impact the pandemic is still having on our country and state.

If you want more state specific information, the State of Colorado also has its own coronavirus vaccine data dashboard that you can find online right now. This is the information Governor Jared Polis is working off of when he addresses the public about the state's coronavirus response.

On this dashboard you can go from statewide data to information about our specific counties in southern Colorado. This is also a great resource to get specific questions answered and to find out about vaccination events and scheduling with providers if you choose.

Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment data

Total Vaccine Providers1,278
People Immunized with One Dose2,122,809
People Fully Immunized1,292,845
Cumulative Doses Distributed3,130,605
Cumulative Doses Administered3,298,100
Moderna Vaccines Administered1,529,767
Pfizer Vaccines Administered1,645,357
Janssen Vaccines Administered122,280

Below: CDPHE data on all vaccines administered from December to April 10.

CDPHE data on all vaccines administered
Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment data on all vaccines administered from Dec 2020 to April 10, 2021.

Direct links:
CDC COVID-19 and vaccine tracker
Colorado vaccine tracker and data dashboard