Talks of the first round of COVID-19 vaccines coming to Pueblo next week, but nothing set in stone

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Posted at 5:57 PM, Dec 10, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-10 20:53:13-05

PUEBLO — Pueblo County took to Facebook yesterday, stating that "the first shipment" of COVID-19 vaccines is "scheduled to arrive in Colorado and Pueblo next week", but an actual delivery date cannot be confirmed until the FDA has officially approved the emergency use of a vaccine.

However, when the vaccine does arrive, the city says healthcare workers at both Parkview Medical Center and St. Mary-Corwin Medical Center will be the first recipients. Residents in downtown Pueblo today said they agree with this decision.

"I believe those in healthcare should be the first to get it, and also those in retirement homes should be able to get it," said Chad Reynolds, who recently lost his grandmother who lived in a retirement home.

"She was all by herself when she passed away cause none of her family was able to go in and see her, so I understand what that's like," he finished.

When it comes to taking the vaccine themselves, residents are more hesitant.

Reynolds said, "I wouldn't wanna be one of the first persons to get it. I'd wanna see the effect that other people have... If it's successful or not before it goes out cause I feel that the making of this vaccine was kind of rushed."

Another resident told stated that he, "Won't be taking the vaccine, personally."

According to the city, all healthcare workers will go to Parkview Medical to get their vaccines once the shipment has arrived. The county's Facebook post claims that 1,000 doses will be available.

Other first response organizations, including the Pueblo Fire Department, say that their plans for getting the vaccine once it arrives are still very much a work in progress.