More people getting COVID-19 tests as Omicron rises

Mako Medical says all Colorado Springs free testing sites are seeing an increase in demand
Rapid tests are kept behind the counter at local Walgreens
Posted at 11:03 PM, Dec 20, 2021

COLORADO SPRINGS — For some, an early Christmas present is a "negative" COVID-19 test.

Mako Medical, who runs the free COVID-19 testing sites in Colorado Springs, says "Testing has increased steadily in recent weeks" and believe it is due to "Increased concern about the omicron variant, in conjuction with the holidays".

One man being tested says he is heading to Mexico for the holidays with his family on vacation, but wanted to make sure he does not have Coronavirus after experiencing a few symptoms.

"Runny nose, my chest hurts a little bit, and a little bit of light headed."

After hearing COVID-19 Rapid tests are hard to find in local drugstores in Colorado Springs, News5 spoke with 20 Walgreens locations in town.

Of those 20, only one was out of stock. The rest say theve had a few, but most run out quickly.

All Walgreens locations are limiting rapid tests to four per customer, and sometimes less.

*The list below shows which Walgreens locations had rapid tests in stock as of December 20:

  1. 4315 Centennial Blvd: YES 
  2. 6820 Centennial Blvd: YES
  3. 2785 Dublin Blvd: YES
  4. 3480 N Academy Blvd: YES
  5. 2921 N Nevada Ave. YES 
  6. 3143 W Colorado Ave: YES
  7. 7390 Rangewood Dr: YES
  8. 4713 Flintridge blvd: YES
  9. 625 N 19th St: YES
  10. 8705 Lexington Dr: YES
  11. 1855 Southgate Rd: YES
  12. 920 N Circle Dr: YES 
  13. 6011 Rangewood Dr: YES
  14. 5755 Constitution Ave: YES
  15. 4305 E Platte Ave: YES
  16. 6075 Barnes Rd: YES 
  17. 350 N. Union Blvd: YES
  18. 303 S. Circle: YES
  19. 4470 Royal Pine Dr: NO
  20. 1920 Chelton Rd: YES

Meanwhile, the Colorado Department of Health and Environment says they have given out 1.3 million free rapid tests, since launching the Rapid-At-Home program in September.

The World Health Organization reports Omicron Cases are doubling every 1.5 to 3 days, but the Health Department says no Omicron case has been detected yet in El Paso County.

Free COVID-19 Testing Sites for the Holiday Weekend:

Testing Sites will be closed on Christmas Day.

Sites at the Chapel Hills Mall and the Citadel Mall will be open all day Christmas Eve (8:00am-6:00pm).

The Fountain site will be open until 2:00pm on Christmas Eve.