In-person real estate showings to resume in southern Colorado

Posted at 1:06 PM, Apr 26, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-26 19:19:37-04

COLORADO SPRINGS — With Colorado's "Safer at Home" order beginning Monday, there are a few changes being made. For Real Estate agents in parts of the state, it means they'll be able to start showing homes in-person again.

"I'm excited, I want to get back to normal ," Rachel Pugia, a Broker with Top Tier Real Estate in Colorado Springs said, who added she's been showing homes over FaceTime as the in-person showings weren't allowed over the last few weeks. "Very few people are going to want to buy a house without physically seeing it themselves, so it's been a struggle," Pugia said.

Colorado Springs was ranked the number one market in the country in March by Pugia says businesses has slowed in the last few weeks- but Colorado Springs is still a competitive place to buy.

"Our supply and demand for homes versus buyers is still out of whack, we still have too many buyers for the homes that we have on the market," Pugia said.

Some counties in the Denver metro area have extended stay at home orders, effectively preventing from Realtors in other parts of the state from continuing to show homes. In a letter address to its members on Saturday, the Denver Metro Association of Realtors said "we are encouraging our members to stay at home except when absolutely necessary, practice strict social distancing, limit face-to-face interaction and wear face masks when in public."

The letter says there's not an indication of how counties will interpret the order, which is why Realtors are encouraged to follow those guidelines.

El Paso and Pueblo counties have not extended the stay at home order, for Pugia she says she will continue to take extra precautions to stay safe around clients she's showing a home to.

"Clorox wipes are my best friend these days," Pugia said, "I'm ready for life as usual or as usual as possible with the Clorox wipes and the masks."