How to find home workout ideas to fit your lifestyle

Posted at 11:31 AM, Mar 31, 2020

COLORADO SPRINGS — Whether you're the "quarantine and chill" type or the gym rat who's starting to go a little stir crazy from staying at home, the good news is there are lots of options keep you moving throughout the day.

Even better? You can do it using what's already around you. The key here is to think of your home as your gym.

Whether you're trying to lose weight, maintain fitness, or find an outlet for anxious energy, health experts agree 30 minutes each day is all it takes.

It can even spread out into 10 minute intervals throughout the day.

Fitness expert Andrea Marcellus says you don't have to exercise intensely to get the most out of this time either.

Marcellus is an ACE-certified personal trainer, life strategist, author of "The Way In: 5 Winnings Strategies to Lose Weight, Get Strong, and Lift Your Life," and the CEO of the mobile app, AND/life.

She's offering free home workout ideas in her app through the month of May.

In the app, you can customize your workout based on your level of fitness and the intensity you want it to be. Then, you can simply follow along with the different exercises.

In general, if you're working out from home, and no one's really watching your form, Marcellus says it's important to listen to your body.

"Do what feels good. And if it hurts, limit the range of motion," she suggested. "Find where it doesn't hurt and go with that and you will keep improving."

Plus, a little can go a long way in strengthening our immune system.

"Exercise boosts our immunity, which is really important now," Marcellus explained. "We don't wanna be taxing ourselves with super grueling or overly challenging workouts that go on for too long because that actually lowers immunity. We want to be just working fitness in."

If you already have a few trainers you admire, follow their social media pages. Right now, social media sites are flooded with home workout ideas, and you can even join group exercises on video conference sites, such as Zoom.

Remember, even moderate exercise can give us a burst of those feel-good endorphins and act as a much-needed stress reliever.