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Colorado lawmakers approve bill allowing on-site marijuana consumption at retailers

Posted at 10:09 AM, May 03, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-03 12:16:46-04

DENVER – State lawmakers have approved a bill allowing customers to consume marijuana at stores with a “hospitality space.”

Since legalization in Colorado, supporters of legalized marijuana have fought to allow on-premise consumption of retail marijuana products. The political atmosphere is different now, as Democrats control the Governor’s Office, House and Senate.

In order to comply with this new regulations under HB19-1230, a retail marijuana establishment must obtain a “hospitality license” from the state. Customers can only consume products bought from other licensed marijuana facilities, and they aren’t allowed to provide free samples. There isn’t a provision for BYOB, or bring your own buds.

Products eligible for on-premise consumption include, retail marijuana and retail marijuana concentrate.

Retail marijuana hospitality and sales businesses must still comply with existing laws calling for the seed-to-sale tracking of all products. It would also allow for cities and counties to add more regulations or restrictions if they feel they are necessary.

The legislation would also allow for hospitality businesses to be mobile. However, it would not allow a hospitality establishment that also sells marijuana to be mobile.

Licenses to operate a marijuana hospitality facility can be revoked if they fail to apply with restrictions outlined in the bill or if they affect the “public health or safety of the immediate neighborhood in which the establishment is located.”

It would also ban smoking tobacco products inside the business. The establishments would not allow anyone inside who is younger than 21.