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WATCH: Governor Polis’ first State of the State address

Posted at 8:40 AM, Jan 10, 2019

DENVER – Newly sworn-in Governor Jared Polis delivered his State of the State address this morning at the Colorado State Capitol Building.

The address is his opportunity to outline priorities from the Governor’s office to the Colorado General Assembly which just got underway last week.

As a result of the November elections, Democrats now hold a majority in the Senate and House to accompany a Democrat in the Governor’s office.

This year’s group of government leaders is full of firsts. Polis received national attention as the first openly-gay Governor elected in the state. The distinction isn’t gaining much attention locally as he’s represented Colorado in the House of Representatives since 2009, and within state government since 2001.

Colorado also has a record number of women serving in the General Assembly, as well as  the state’s first transgender woman.

‘I believe there is nothing that Colorado needs to do that Coloradans can’t get done. There is nothing wrong with Colorado, that what is right with Colorado can’t fix,’ said Polis during his inauguration.

While Governor Polis mentioned some of his campaign promises during the inauguration, his first State of the State address is expected to explain in detail the policies he’ll focus on.


Colorado’s 43rd Governor Jared Polis sworn-in