Ohio man suspected of killing goose, taking eggs

Posted at 7:36 AM, Apr 23, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-23 09:36:49-04

(WCMH/NBC News) An Ohio man is facing animal cruelty charges after allegedly killing a Canada goose and stealing two eggs.

About 20 minutes after the initial call, a Whitehall officer stopped 18-year-old Andre Teague. He had a blue shirt rolled up in a ball in his hand.

When Teague complied with the officer’s commands to drop the shirt, two large eggs hit the pavement.

Teague initially told police he got the eggs from the grocery store where he works. After being confronted with the dead goose nearby, he told police he’d only been defending himself after the bird attacked.

“I might have swung a little blue thing at it, but I never hit it,” he said, adding “‘Cause the duck was really trying to bite me.”

Once they mate, Canada geese typically become pairs for life, and they will aggressively defend their nest.

Teague eventually told police he took the eggs to see if one would hatch at home.

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