WATCH: Hungry bear checks out bird feeder at home near UCCS

Posted at 1:11 PM, Mar 21, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-21 15:11:43-04

COLORADO SPRINGS – Spring is officially here and one bear who woke up with a large appetite used a backyard birdfeeder to get his snack on in a neighborhood near UCCS.

News 5 viewer David Clipsham woke up this weekend to find his bird feeder destroyed. But now, thanks to his newly installed critter cam, we all know the culprit was a large, hungry bear.

The bear first visited Saturday evening to completely wreck Clipsham’s feeder, and the animal returned again on Wednesday to continue his new habit of vandalizing birdfeeders for a snack.

After reviewing footage that revealed the bear and its affinity for birdseed, Clipsham retrieved his feeder and brought it inside, out of reach and temptation of any and all bears.

Clipsham hopes the removal will encourage the bear to move along so it doesn’t get into or cause any trouble.

According to Colorado Parks and Wildlife’s website, David Clipsham did the right thing by putting away the bird feeder once he noticed the furry bandit’s return. CPW says hummingbird feeders are particularly attractive to bears and should be put away in areas where bears are active.

CLICK HERE for more information about bears and birdfeeders from CPW.