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New ‘bite blotter’ helps pet owners keep track of attacks

Posted at 4:48 PM, Feb 06, 2019
and last updated 2019-02-06 20:57:28-05

EL PASO COUNTY – Pikes Peak Humane Society has launched the “Bite Blotter,” a new website to track pet bites and attacks in El Paso County.

“Very similar to a police blotter, is just letting the public see what we see day in and day out regarding animal bites,” said Lt. Lindsey Vigna with El Paso County Law Enforcement.

In the blotter, you can find into like the severity of the bite, the type of victim, whether the animal has a bite history, and zip code where it happened.

You can also read about the circumstances surrounding the attack.

“Animals can bite and do bite,” said Jamie Norris, Assistant Director of El Paso County Animal Law Enforcement.

In the last year alone, animal law enforcement investigated more than a thousand bites -that’s about three a day.

These attacks can often leave long-lasting impacts – both physical and emotional.

“People experience PTSD where they are fearful of walking their animal after experiencing something like that,” added Vigna.

So now, officers hope this knowledge can help empower pet owners to avoid a similar outcome.

“Reading some of the circumstances of the different scenarios, I think will make pet owners realize why it’s important to put their dogs on a leash and keep their animals contained,” Vigna explained.

New bite reports will be uploaded weekly and January data is already available now.
You can check it our for yourself here.