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Now is the time to get your flu shot

Posted at 5:18 AM, Sep 24, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-24 11:19:43-04

In today’s health watch, we’re watching out for you ahead of flu season! Right now doctors are stressing the importance of getting vaccinated.

Last flu season, nearly 500 people were hospitalized with the flu in El Paso County and over 250 were hospitalized in Pueblo.

One of the best ways to avoid getting the flu? Always wash your hands with soap and water! It may seem simple, but this is just one of the ways you can decrease your risk. Of course, the best way you can prevent the flu is by getting your flu shot!

Doctors say now is the time to get your shot because you never can predict when flu season will peak. Keep in mind it can take about 2 weeks to build up in your system and it’s not only for your health. It also protects infants and the elderly that may not be able to get their shot.

“The big thing about influenza isn’t necessarily the influenza infection itself though that can be bad,” says Dr. Mark Wesselman with UCHealth Internal Medicine. “It makes you much more susceptible to secondary infections like pneumonia, dehydration and worsening of other medical conditions.”

Some symptoms to be on the lookout for include fever, coughing, body aches and nausea.
If you do come down with the flu, stay home and of course drink lots of fluids.

Remember, every strain is different, so even if you got your flu shot last year you need to get it again for this flu season!