British man invents jet suit, flies like Iron Man

Posted at 11:45 AM, Jul 19, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-19 13:45:55-04

Have you ever wanted to fly like Iron Man? Well take a look at the video above.

A former British commodities trader has invented a jet suit, and he says anyone can learn to fly it.

The inventor, Robert Browning, recently took the suit for a spin in front of Selfridges Department Store in London, where you can buy the suit.

The suit runs on jet fuel or diesel, can fly 32 miles-per-hour, and can go up to 12,000 feet. The suit is made up of five miniature jet engines that are mounted on the wearer’s arms and back. There are also a lot of electronics involved.

"So essentially it’s made up of five micro-jet engines, gas turbines," said Browning. "There’s two on each arm and one around the back. They run on jet fuel but you can also run them on diesel – you create a bit of blue smoke when you shut them down but they run perfectly well on diesel." He continued to say, " Other than that you are charging some little Lithium batteries which are what start the engines and that’s it. Other than that it’s just flying it sensibly and looking after it – it’s not rocket science."

For anyone that buys the suit, Browning said he and his team will teach them how to use it.

"I would sort of demystify this in the sense of a bit like buying a very high-end super car or maybe a sports motorbike – a sports motorbike, if you abuse, it can cause you a problem very quickly," Browning said.  "The same with this; if you’re sensible with it, it doesn’t have to be very dangerous at all."

One last thing for those wanting to live out their super hero dreams, the suit will cost you $443,000.