Community holds fundraiser for Tim Sigler, injured in Double Fork Fire

Posted at 10:29 PM, Jun 09, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-10 00:29:41-04

The effects of wildfires are often felt long after the flames have been extinguished.
The aftermath of Boone’s "Double Fork Fire" has been marked by a long road to recovery for Tim Sigler.
He was badly burned trying to keep the flames from his property.

He is home now with his family, as he continues to heal, and on Saturday his community held a special event aimed at lifting his spirits by helping his family with medical expenses.

Sigler has been home for just three weeks now, requiring around-the-clock care from his family.
But Saturday’s fundraiser held at the VFW Post in Boone was all about catching up with old friends, while helping alleviate some of his family’s financial strain.

"You don’t realize what kind of friends and family you’ve got until something destructive happens," Sigler said.

After spending the past few weeks in the hospital, he finally got some down time to spend time with his friends and neighbors.

Saturday’s fundraiser, made up of raffles and donations, are helping raise money for his hospital expenses.

"That’s what neighbors are for," said volunteer Edna Rivera.
"Help out and we thought we’d get this together and try to see if we could help them get some money."

"The community always comes together when someone’s hurt and do whatever we can," said VFW Quarter Master Dan Shake.

Sigler continues to be optimistic about his recovery.

"Probably a smooth recovery, as far being a burn victim," he said.

And he’s especially thankful to his son Chad for saving his life.

"I got trapped and my son helped me out," Sigler recounted.

His son is just grateful he was there to get rescue his dad.

"We were just lucky, I happened to be there," said Chad.
"We got out."

And Chad’s even more grateful to still have him around.

"I’m just glad he’s still with us," he said.
"All through my life he’s been a fighter. He’s just a role model, he’s my dad."

Despite having a long road ahead, the Sigler family are traveling it more confidently knowing their community is behind them.

"It’ll help in the healing process just to know that you got that much support behind you," said son Chad Sigler.

"Meeting it head on with firm and steadfast joy that I will have 100% recovery," added Tim. 

Saturday’s fundraiser raised more than $1,600 dollars for the Sigler family.