Marijuana revenue giving new life to southern Colorado town

Posted at 6:19 PM, Jun 04, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-04 20:19:00-04

As millions of dollars pour into Colorado with marijuana revenue, there’s one place in the state that could be benefiting from it more so than others- Trinidad. 

With it’s location off of I-25, just 11 miles north of the New Mexico border, it’s ideal for not only people in New Mexico but Texas and Oklahoma. 

‘In my opinion, it’s the last undiscovered mountain town in Colorado,’ said Terry Sanchez, owner of the Underground Station dispensary in Trinidad.

Trinidad is doing its best to spend the money where they can, City Manager Greg Sund told News 5 they’re focused on putting the revenue towards one time expenses, since they don’t know how long this revenue will last. 

With the more than 2 million dollars in revenue,Trinidad spent that money on a variety of projects. 

Some of these projects include a new outdoor camera system, a replacement bath house at Monument Lake, a new Animal Shelter, and a technology room at the Trinidad Library. 

The city is taking a methodical approach in its marijuana revenue- by allocating it to resources long over due for the community- so far, the city only has 1 debt left to pay off. 

In 2017, the city’s spending recommendation reports show the following expenses paid: 

$200,000 went to the outdoor camera system

$300,00 for a bathhouse replacement at Monument Lake 

$400,000 to an animal shelter

$200,000 to Hole #5 at the Golf Course

$15,000 to a technology room at the Library

Additionally, the city donated $5,000 to Hurricane Harvey relief and paid off debts for Police Cars Lease, Fire Pumper Lease, and the Trinidad Trolley.