Warrior Games: The family in the stands

Posted at 3:02 PM, Jun 03, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-03 17:02:56-04

As the 2018 Warrior Games gets underway in Colorado Springs this week, there are hundreds of athletes with powerful and emotional stories of overcoming adversity. 

 As our service men and women compete in events, many athletes would say the relationship with their fellow warriors- is more like family. 

‘We’ve all come together in times that was tough for us and we all formed a bond, that’s immeasurable,’ said Darrall Peach, an Air Force competitor in this week’s Warrior Games from Arizona. 

Peach, taking the family bond to heart- as he and his wife Denise, making sure every athlete is supported: providing what might be the most spirited cheering section at this year’s games. 

On Sunday, through the loud noises of the crowded seated volleyball gym- an excited cheer roared through a sea of blue.

”Here we go Air Force, Here we go!!’ a chant heard throughout the gym, as Denise Peach led the cheering section for Team Air Force. 

Darrall Peach is visually impaired, he’ll be competing in events like rowing this week, but is spending his free time making sure his fellow teammates have the support they need to win. 

The amount of support in the stands- creating a massive family for all of the athletes involved.