D60 School Board unanimously agrees to accept new deal

Posted at 5:39 AM, May 16, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-16 07:39:06-04

The District 60 School Board in Pueblo has unanimously agreed to accept the proposed new deal between teachers and the district.

The Board had called for a special meeting Wednesday morning to discuss ratifying the deal.

At the meeting, the Board accepted the new, strike ending agreement they made with teachers over the past weekend. The meeting was originally scheduled for May 22nd, but the district decided to address the issue as soon as they could.

As we’ve been reporting at News 5, the new agreement provides a two percent cost of living adjustment for teachers, retroactive to January. It also provides a 2.5 percent cost of living adjustment beginning in September.

Another part of the new agreement is a $50 boost towards health insurance benefits, as well as allowing teachers to make up pay for the days missed during the strike.

Superintendent Charlotte Macaluso said she trusted the board would support the deal. "We value all of our staff at Pueblo City Schools and  this is an opportunity to get the ship back on track so to speak and just move forward from here."

The new deal also grants a $500 payment to paraprofessionals to cover pay for days missed during the strike. Paraprofessionals will also get a 3.25 percent cost of living adjustment.