Car seat trade-in event at all Target stores

Posted at 11:48 AM, Apr 23, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-23 13:48:39-04

Have an old car seat? Target is holding a car seat trade-in event where people can trade their old car seats for money off on a new one! 

The event goes from April 22 to May 5 at any Target store. Target says people who come to trade in their old car seat or cat seat base will receive a 20 percent off coupon toward a new car seat, booster, base, travel system or stroller.

Each store will have a drop-off box near Guest Services for the old car seats. The store says coupons can be used in-store and online, and will be eligible through May 19.

According to Target, materials from the old car seats will be recycled by a partner of Target, Waste Management, to help create new products like grocery carts, plastic buckets and even construction materials. 

The program launched in April 2016 and so far the store says more than 176,000 car seats have been recycled. 

For more information on the event, click here