Fog becoming an issue for Woodland Park drivers into Friday night

Posted at 9:04 PM, Apr 20, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-20 23:04:57-04

The city above the clouds is seeing some thick, heaving fog Friday evening which is expected to stick around well into the night.

Teller County hasn’t seeing much accumulation on major roads like Highway 24, it’s mainly the low visibility that is excepted to be an issue for drivers.

The small amount of moisture that is falling may stick to the ground and freeze, causing some icy patches on Friday night into Saturday.

"Yeah there’s like no visibility, I’m driving to Denver right now and I’m kind of worried about it," Jim Donovan, a Cripple Creek resident said.

Many locals were not caught off guard by this, this say this is a welcome spring storm and a much needed drink of water for the community.

"We need moisture bad, so I’ve probably plowed half as many times this year as i did last year so i don’t know what snow pack and all of that other stuff is but it’s dry," Lee Taylor, a Divide resident said.

Just after the evening commute, some drivers were even seen pulling over to clear off their windshields right as the snow started to fall.

If you have any plans to make it up the pass for any reason on Saturday morning, plan for some extra travel time to take this drive a little slower than usual.